Estimated Time Taken to get Pregnant

Before a woman gets pregnant, she will have to get intimate with her partner for it to be possible. However, getting pregnant can come at different times of a woman’s life. A woman can start conceiving at a tender age of nine years old whereas there are those that start doing so after adolescence. During adolescence, a woman can get pregnant if she doesn’t use protection during the sexual act. In adolescence, a girl is very fertile and she will be sexually active. Being sexually active will lead her to sleep with the opposite sex just in order to satisfy her ego.

It is estimated that a normal couple can get pregnant within a one year period. This depends on factors such as reproductive health, physical health, age, diet, lifestyle, weight, regularity of sex and history of chronic illnesses.

Wrong timings for Sex

Having sex after ovulation is considered the wrong time especially if you are looking forward to conceiving and therefore it is inappropriate. However, you can have during ovulation so as not to increase the chances of conceiving at that particular stage.

Fertility Issues

Problems in fertility can be inborn or acquired along the way. Infertility can be brought by alcohol, smoking and unhealthy diet. This will hinder her chances of getting pregnant because her fertility is very low.

History of Chronic Illnesses

If the woman has a history in chronic illnesses such as diabetes, she will experience a reduction in her fertility. She will also be able to feel more stressed because she has to deal with two disturbing issues at once; her sickness and the fact that she cannot get pregnant.

Regular Sex

When a couple engages in sex often especially during the ovulation phase, she will increases the opportunity of conceiving. In this way, a couple which does not have sex regularly have a difficulty in having children.

Fertility boosting drugs

Drugs which help in boosting your fertility are recommended. You should take them as prescribed by the doctor. Do not overdose the medications as you will be able to face the possible side effects as a result.

Proper Diet

Eating healthy with foods which contain all the necessary nutrients is a good way of boosting your fertility. This is to maintain a healthy weight that is required to get pregnant.




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