Reasons for Low HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy

The presence of the pregnancy hormone HCG is used to determine if one is pregnant or not. However, if you happen to be pregnant then your HCG levels are high thus an indication that your pregnancy is progressing well. There are times when the HCG level goes low as the pregnancy is advancing to its final stages of the pregnancy. But it differs from one woman to the other as at times because of the physical and psychological aspects of the person. When a woman is physically fit, she can have either low or high HCG. There are reasons as to these findings.

During one’s pregnancy, her HCG level tends to hit a high time low depending on the duration of the pregnancy. The reasons as to this are because the baby is developing every month thus making the level to go either way or it could be because of the hormonal differences of the woman’s body. When this happens, her body will experience several changes such as frequent watery discharge and frequent urination due to the baby’s excretion at all times. These levels do differ from one person to the other because some undergo regular periods while others undergo irregular periods thus making it certain of the impending low HCG levels in early pregnancy.

It is known that implantation happens just one week after fertilization thus when the HCG level is under 5mlU/ml, it is considered negative but still the test can be done later on and it comes out positive. When it is in between 5 to 25mlU/ml, it is indecisive also termed as equivocal. Here, the test indicate may be or may be not so it is very essential to repeat the test after a few days. When the level is over 25mlU/ml, it indicates that it is perfectly normal during the durations of pregnancy.

After having analyzed the above reasons, it is clear that low HCG levels are experienced during early pregnancy but end up increasing as the pregnancy progresses on. This is because the baby is developing and chances of determining the gender of the baby could be proved worthy.


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