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31 weeks pregnant with twins

Pregnant with twins is really hard to handle and very uncomfortable to the mother feeling. Having a twin can frustrate the woman. They think how they can watch out their twin, what they should do after giving birth and many things worrying the mother. Though, you must handle this situation. Twin is the blessed of god for you. Do all your efforts to make your twin stay fit and in good condition. You can ask your doctor to know what’s your worrying about. Prenatal class can help you to think and be positive in any good way.

In your 31 weeks pregnant with twins, you need a lot of rest and you need to go in your doctor weekly. Anytime your twin gestation can happen. Each of your baby measure 8 inches from head to toe with the weight of 2 lbs.  Your twin head can move right to left, other parts of their body can easily functioning and working. Usually they are kicking and suck their fingers. You will observe that the movement of babies is continuing. This moving is a warning of being active and strong of your baby. Your baby still developing their lungs, brain and other internal organs to make them fully completed. Your baby is aware in any light they seen and they hear inside your womb.

Your doctors will explain many things in the mother. Actually, the women pregnant with twin undergo the cesarean section. The woman may notice different changes in their body and might feel something uncommon. In your 31 weeks of pregnancy you might experience the preterm labor that can last after 30 seconds. This contraction you feel is painless and infrequent. Preterm laboring and delivery of your baby has a chance to survive now a day. Because of the modern and high tech technology now a day, it can help to live the baby normally. The full term pregnancy is 37 weeks to 40 weeks, in this week you baby is safe in any infection and can breathe properly. Your gynecology will monitor you weekly to see the development and growing of your baby.