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9 weeks pregnancy ultrasound

At 9 weeks, you’re almost through your first trimester. The morning sickness, nausea, fatigue and everything else has become the norm. The baby inside you is steadily growing, but the head is significantly bigger than the rest of the body. The digestive system is also progressively developing. With today’s technology, ultrasounds have become clearer in terms of clarity and resolution. Now parents-to-be can have a photo of the developing child in high quality. During the 9 weeks pregnancy ultrasound, you’ll notice that the child seems motionless. However, be assured that a lot is going on in there. The fetus’s eyes look like dark spots on the face. You can also clearly see the limbs but there’s no separation of fingers. Since the first ultrasound happens during the 8th week mark, you’ll still be queasy about the cold liquid that’s applied on your stomach. With continued check-ups and ultrasounds, you will get used to the feeling. Along with the ultrasound, the doctor will also do some check-up on your health. Among the first things to check is your urine. During pregnancy, this is an important test since it tests for infections in the cervix. You might have noticed some discharge oozing out of the vagina. This is normal during pregnancy. It becomes alarming when there’s an odor and change in color. Usually it’s odorless and colorless. The doctor will also give you tips on how to be a bit comfortable during the pregnancy. Most of them will be about your health and lifestyle. • The doctor will encourage you to decrease the intake of junk food and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. • The doctor will encourage both the man and woman to support each other and never hesitate about going to the doctor. If anything seems odd or out of place, you should immediately contact the doctor or obstetrician. Since it’s still early in the pregnancy, you don’t have to worry much about miscarriages. Although they can happen at any time, be calm and keep it fay from your mind. When you think about such negative things, it increases you stress level. This is never good for the baby in your womb.