Very early signs of pregnancy before missed period

You may be confused about what you are experiencing while you don’t have missed your period yet. If you don’t have missed your period yet but are experiencing below described symptoms, you are pregnant:

  • You will notice spotting. Spotting is occurred before starting your menstrual period. You can notice it with pinkish or brownish color however, it is not heavy. If you are noticing spotting, you maythrough home pregnancy test that will result in positive.
  • One of very early signs of pregnancy before missed period is frequent urination. Most of the women experience this symptom after the time when temperature rises at ovulation. So, if you had intercourse with your partner before your current periods and you are experiencing frequent urination, you are likely to be pregnant.
  • Another symptom you may not have noticed yet is breast tenderness. Breast tenderness is early sign of pregnancy where your nipples also become hard. Changes you will feel in your breast won’t remain with you for longer period of time and soon will go away.
  • You will clearly feel the difference in color of area around the nipples. It is called areola. Just after one week of your conception, you will notice areolas will become dark. Moreover, bumps on this area will start looking more prominent and it could be clear indication of your pregnancy.
  • In early pregnancy, you may start experiencing constipation. Constipation is highly associated with pregnancy that most of the pregnant women experience.
  • Pregnant woman start feeling less energize. Energy levels starts to decline and women start feeling exhausted for most of the time. If you are also feeling this symptom, it is all due to hormone changes in body. Chancesof your pregnancy are very high in this case.
  • Morning sickness is all what a pregnant woman experience right after pregnancy.It is earlier signs of pregnancy and is noticed in most of the women. But 50% of women suffer from this nausea. If you are experiencing the same, you can go through pregnancy test to make sure what you are feeling.


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