What Cereals Are Fortified With Vitamin D

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin can be synthesized by the body from the sunshine rays or ingested as vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) or as vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). The main function or role of the vitamin D is maintaining the bones calcium balance since it helps the calcium absorption, so insufficient levels of vitamin D can lead to improper bone formation. And on the downside as you grow older it keeps getting harder for your body to form few ones after one is destroyed. Besides the bones, vitamin D is also has a role in protection of teeth and hair, healthy cell activity, in the prevention of various forms of cancer.

As you saw vitamin D should be a highly important part of our diet. It is said that usually our normal eating habits provide enough vitamin D intake since it can be found in fishes, mushrooms, egg, beef liver, salami, ham, sausages, so on and another entry that interests us the most : cereals. However, not all cereals have this vitamin, so you need to find out what cereals are fortified with vitamin D.

Giant Mills, a renowned name in the industry of cereals, has financed a study regarding cereal consumption and vitamin D levels. Of course the conclusion was that the more cereals you consume the better your vitamin D levels is going to be, partly because cereals go hand in hand with milk, which also contains vitamin D.

Since the recommended daily dose (RDA) has been recently raised, a wide range of cereal companies have released fortified cereals. This kind of cereal is, as the name indicates, fortified with several vitamins and minerals to assure the intake of recommended doses. Various cereals contain various amounts of vitamin D so be sure to check the label on the box to know the exact level of vitamin in one. For example in corn flakes there is usually 34 iu, which is one-seventeenth of the daily dose, while the raisin bran contain 104 iu, which is one-sixth of the RDA. The best way to find out what cereals are fortified with vitamin D is to read the labels.

Among the companies that released fortified cereals are the following ones: Giant Mills, Kelloggs, Malt-O-Meal, Kraft, Quaker, Tasteeos, Nestlee, Kashi Mighty Bites, Nestum, cereals ready-to-eat. Each one of these companies released different flavors and types of these fortified cereals trying to suit the demands and needs of each of its customers.

If you what to know what cereals are fortified with vitamin D is it always best to choose the ones which contain raisin brain and to check each label until you find the one with the highest amount of this vitamin.

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