What Fish Has the Most Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is very important for the body because it is involved in the correct absorption of calcium, thus contributing to the health of the bones and of teeth. It was proven that vitamin D can prevent rickets in children and it is also strongly connected with the immune function of the body. There are numerous health benefits of vitamin D and its absence from the human body can lead to serious medical consequences. Once its importance was established, it became clear that all individuals had to ensure their daily dose of vitamin D.

There are several ways of making sure you have enough vitamin D in the body. The safest bet is to spend several minutes daily in the sun with your face, legs and arms unprotected. However, this isn’t possible all the time and it is not a viable solution for people living in northern climates. More than that, the correlation between sun and skin cancer has made people were cautious in what concerns sun exposure. The second way of ensuring vitamin D for the body is to take it from dietary sources or supplements. Like it is the case with all vitamins, it is best to obtain vitamin D from natural sources because this is better processed by the body than the one in supplements. Unfortunately, there aren’t many foods which contain this vitamin. There are some, like cereals or milk, which are fortified, but they are not as good as those who are naturally rich in vitamin D. The greatest amounts of vitamin D can be found in fish. But what fish has the most vitamin D because not all of them are good sources.

Since vitamin D is fat soluble, it needs to be consumed together with fat in order to be absorbed properly. The nature has its ways to settle things, so fatty fish is the richest food in vitamin D. You can make sure your body has enough vitamin D if you consume regularly salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel and sardines. However, the answer to what fish has the most vitamin D is more complex. It seems that the cooking or canning method also influences the amount of vitamin D in foods. Raw fish which is usually consumed as sushi contains more vitamin D than cooked or canned fish. A serving size of 100 g of raw Atlantic herring covers almost 500% DV of vitamin D while an ounce of fillet only provides 76% DV.

People wondering what fish has the most vitamin D should also know that fish canned in oil is a better source of vitamin D than the one canned in water. It is also good to know that wild sockeye salmon is four times richer in vitamin D than farmed salmon.

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