Women looking to get pregnant

I have been trying to get pregnant for over years and it’s not working,’ says a woman in her mid-20s.  This is a sentiment shared by very many women regardless of location, race or culture. They claim to do everything right in order to get pregnant but end up with nothing but negatives as results.There are some tips that were given by women looking to get pregnant. Difference is they went on to actually go through pregnancy and child birth.

‘Ensure you have sex during the right time of the month.’ She claims that before she used to have intercourse on a regular basis but on days when she was not fertile. After understanding her cycle and ovulation, she understood it’s all about the timing and not the number of times you have sex. Although the regularity helped, she added that it should be done when the woman is fertile. Applying this means you get to know your own cycle and work with it.

‘Keep healthy and reduce you alcohol intake.’ This comes from a woman who enjoyed her wine. Dinner would not go through without her drinking a glass. Later on when she wanted to get pregnant, she discovered alcohol affects a woman’s fertility. She changed this during the several months they tried. It bore fruit and she now has a lovely son. A glass of wine is not bad. However, if it’s part of what will affect your likelihood to get pregnant, it is best to be removed from the equation.

‘Keep a positive attitude when you’re trying.’ This is actually shared by numerous women. While the main goal is to get pregnant, be positive and have fun. Intercourse is a good way to express affection for your partner. Do not be blinded by your need to get pregnant that you push your emotions aside. When you’re positive, you will reduce the amount of stress the whole situation might bring.Less stress is always good when you are trying to get pregnant.

Applying the words from women who have experience in pregnancy will surely help. They have walked in those footsteps and what better way to listen than to follow their actions. The advice given above will be of help only to those who care to read and apply.

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